Times Like These…

It may be a big pain to get the hang of setting up a Linux machine in the whole LAMP setup, but there are definitely times that it’s worth it. For instance, when you see things like this in your server log:
or perhaps this:
or maybe even this:
It’s ever so nice to know that those are executable files that are attacks directed at a Windows machine. Do I know what they do? Nope! Do I care? Not really. While I realize that Linux is not impervious to attackes, especially with 3rd party items like AWStats, which I love to tears, but had a recent security hole in it (um, get 6.4 or higher as soon as you if you haven’t already), your chances of being hit are pretty small overall and it just makes ya feel good.
It would be nice for that crap to get out of the way someday so that I can have a nice clean error log the way I’ve always wanted it, but oh well…