Time Shifting

No, this isn’t about the second or whatever it is that our calendar is off that they want to correct, this is more about the perception of when New Year’s strikes.
As I was listening to all the everything for New Year’s a couple days ago, I realized that people really have no clue as to when midnight is. Some believe that it’s about 11:45PM. Others might see it as 12:30AM. My reasoning for this is that in this chunk of time you’ll hear all the chanting, yelling, kabooms, hurrahs, Auld Ang Syne, and whatever else. Maybe it’s because we’re all drunk, maybe it’s because time is really relative.
Quite literally, one person’s midnight could be another person’s 5PM. I laughed about this one when a friend called another on New Year’s a few years ago to wish a Happy New Year. To which the guy replied, uh yeah, maybe in three hours or something. The guy was in Hawaii and while I might have the time difference wrong, it was at that point where I realized how stupid we get about a set time, when really it’s kind of a meaningless thing. Even the 1999-2000 celebration was overblown, since we’re all still here and nothing went nearly as wacko as they had predicted. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a good time.