Time for a re-read me thinks

In looking up the exact definition of a Prefect and realizing that, as I assumed, we really have no equivalent in the US, except those wanting to sound fancy-like, I was reminded of Ford Prefect; the character, not the car. Obviously, this joke of a name from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (which the film version of sucked hard) was funny to me, but never completely ha ha funny. I was not alone:

Adams later observed that this joke was lost on U.S. audiences who assumed it was a typing error for “perfect.” In the French version, Le Guide Galactique,[1] Ford’s name was changed to “Ford Escort.” The joke is also now largely lost on younger audiences in Britain also, since the Ford Prefect is now a rare sight on British roads. In the film adaptation, his last name was never actually stated on-screen, but it is given in the film’s credits as “Prefect.”

Sadly, Ford Escort would have worked in the US as well, but the French got that bit of humo(u)r. Anyways, maybe it’s time to go back and read that trilogy in five parts. I had forgotten how funny it was as again, the film version that came out five years ago was crap on a stick.