Time for a new Hudin.com

So… you might have noticed things are a bit different. I mean, the colors are kinda the same, but there have been some massive updates due to changes I’ve made in my blogging habits. Now, in addition to my more personal rants articles here, I’m now pulling in my latest post from Maneno on my Subsaharska blog where I blog more regularly about African tech and travel. I’ve also put links for the RSS feeds to both sites in plain sight because if you’re not using a feed reader, you’re nuts. If you are, subscribe to Hudin and Subsaharska. You’ll be incredibly stoked that you did, probably.
So, other than getting this to be more of a Hudin portal like I did recently for #1 Fan, there are a ton of technology upgrades that happened here. For those who care, I switched this site over to using jQuery from MooTools (just to give it a try) and I rehashed all the CSS. I also made use of all the PHP classes I’ve developed for Maneno to make this site hum. It’s amazing how only once you really dig in to all your old code you find stuff that is ancient. I think I found something that was like half a decade old, which is ancient in the web. It makes sense though as the last upgrade of this size I pushed out in 2007 from Spain, which undoubtedly missed a lot of bits. I think this is officially version 7 of the site.
Otherwise, I fixed up some things like the tea reviews where I made the interface to find reviews a bit more slick with some AJAX business. The contact page is back for all of peoples’ hate mail needs. About got a little bit of a brush up, especially as the section on my Digital Gas was out of date. Photos are exactly the same and still flowing. The blog got a large facelift as I really wasn’t in to the old look anymore. I’ll probably get bored of this one in six months or so and redesign it yet again.
One of the biggest changes is the Search box you will see at the top of every page. First of all, that’s running with AJAX and will populate the body of any page where you run a search. Secondly, it’s using the Google API. They have this wanky JavaScript think that anyone can use, but it’s crappy as hell to get working. I did a runaround of all that and used the more “hardcore” programming approach to get what’s called a JSON back from Google when querying them with search terms. Overall it works quite well, but there is a massive amount of work to be done on that, so it’s really basic at the moment. It does indeed work for simple searches though.
I think that’s about the meat of it all. There are a lot of things I did for administering the site that once again, came from work on Maneno, but I won’t go in to them as this is already probably super boring and you’re regretting your new RSS subscription to the feed.
Time for a new Hudin.com

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    1. Cool, good to know that I might be able to say that I have more than one fan now!

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