Three Years Done Gone By

I was just glancing through the archives and realized that another year has passed since I’ve been doing this, bringing the grand total up to three.
At this point I usually seem to look back and see what has changed over the past year. Admittedly a lot has over this last year, but I’m less than interested in that because I seem to be in some state of flux and change currently that is making me very interested in the future. I can’t really say what it will bring, but the fact I’ve stopped giving a damn about so many things which are out of my control has made things a lot happier.
Don’t get me wrong, I still get nervous when flying and seafood hasn’t really rocked my world just yet, but the fact that I’ll hop on a flight at any point or even try seafood when given the chance says a lot.
Well, 2003-2006, here’s lookin’ at you! Still of course waiting for some Cathy articles to start appearing on this thing, but I assume that will happen in time…