Those Wikipedia Bastards

I’ve just had my pride scuffed greatly as I’ve found out the page I entered for my surname – Hudin – on Wikipedia is being considered for deletion.
I fully admit that having this information in there isn’t a requisite of human advancement. But at the same time, dumping an article based on the immediate relevance of its information would seem to make a good deal of things get lost. Everything I put in was factual of course and most of the other facts are on the Hudin Family Tree which has been doing quite well in reaching out to Hudins in the world.
I’m kind of wondering as to whether I’m really annoyed by this and find it to be haughty and rude or if I find it to be neccessary. I’m kind of lost on that one. It is a rather large piece of cud to chew when someone calls your family insignificant. I suppose I should enter my parents in there as they’ve done quiet a bit with their lives and are in a few permanent museum art collections. Maybe that might make us mean more, but somehow I doubt it. Such a bummer.