This rainy day economy as of late

The California economy has been not very good for a good two years now and I’ve even go so far as to say three years. What started as a funny joke when people in the tech industries were getting pink slips turned into a very deep recession that still hasn’t quite found bottom yet, or at the very least, is not looking any better anytime soon.
Naturally there are a lot of us out of work. Most through no fault of our own other than bad timing or being part of a company that was a bad idea.
I bring this up, because I find it very interesting how the stock market keeps going up (9,600 points currently) and the housing market keeps selling houses like crazy. A good deal of this can be attributed to very low interest rates. Bonds and savings just simply don’t yield much to make it worth the big players’ time.
But, all of this aside, things just aren’t adding up. Companies, while not losing the money that they once were, aren’t making a lot of it either. And, I don’t understand how a people who are earning minimal incomes can afford a $500,000 flat (yes, flat, not house) in the Bay Area.
Something isn’t adding up and I just don’t fully trust what’s going on. It’s my believe that the markets ans figures are being manipulated. I will go out on a limb and say that the economy is going to suddenly either pick up towards the end of 2004 or the beginning of 2005 after getting really bad.
Why would I pick those dates? Well, quite simply, if Republican powers are controlling the economy, then they will want it to improve at the time of the election. If the Democrats are controlling things, then they want Bush to get dropped like a sack of crap and the only way to do that is by really killing off the economy when election time rolls around.
This probably sounds paranoid and suspicious, but there are just so many things that don’t add up. I mean, ever since dropping the gold standard from a form of valuation for the dollar, what a dollar is worth is all in our heads. So, this bad economy is all in our heads. It would be very simple for several key people to hold back their money to make it seem bad.
Anyways, my $.02 and let’s just say, I’ve got my nest egg planned out to last me until the end of 2004.