This January Made Possible by Global Warming

As I was out walking around in what ended up being the most amazing Spring day in San Francisco, I had to remind myself that it was still indeed Winter and um, what the hell? That was a nicer day that we have in the Summer around here. Oh course it worked out well for friends that were visiting, but it’s nothing if not the least bit unnerving.
As I thought back to recent reports about there being not enough snow to ski on in the alps and how a cousin in Beograd just wrote to me about there being no snow yet, it starts to get a little more creepy. I guess that this appears to be the warmest winter in Europe in 500 years. I don’t know if that’s accurate or an exaggeration, but you start to wonder how much global warming plays in to all of this.
Yeah, I know, those “crazy, liberal scientists” and all their data must be a little wrong, right? There are reports to the contrary. Well, um, apparently not, those might be completely false and it’s not really a surprise. We can all feel it. In places like SF, those who bitch about the cold are loving it. For those in the Central Valley, summers are getting deadly; literally. Obviously I completely believe that we’re effin’ up the planet in a big way and while I like days such as last Sunday, I’d rather keep the planet habitable as opposed to bringing LA up north here.