This is a Socialist State

It’s funny how it seems that most Americans take on a conservative view of things, or at the very least, vote for Republicans, who in turn, enact a conservative system, wherein little needs are met, except for those that are self-serving. But, it’s amazing that when asked, most people are in favor of social programs. Why they don’t vote that way is beyond me.
It’s a shame though, that the word “Socialism” has gotten such a bad wrap, since it usually gets tied in with being the same thing as Communism, which is isn’t. Ever since the Cold War, the Red Scare, and all the other things that have painted the former USSR and thusly, Russia and Communist of Socialist practices as being a bad thing (which by the way, wasn’t the reverse for the citizens of that nation) people run away screaming whenever you start saying any of those words.
But, after having returned just recently from a country that was formerly a Socialist state, I have to say that America is more of a Socialist state than anywhere else. This is not due to our political system in any way shape or form, but more to the view of the individual here, which is that the individual is very stupid and unable to take care of itself. It’s funny, but it’s true. If you look at how companies and governments in the US treat the citizens, you will always see that the large company or the large government thinks that it knows best and for some reason, we sit and take it.
For instance, as I walked along the promenade in Split, there were no guardrails along the edge of it. If you weren’t watching what you were doing, you’d fall into the water. Such is not the case here, where “dangerous” waterways, overpasses, or other public spaces have been successfully cordoned off in the unlikely chance that one in ten million people might slip off the edge.
As another example, there’s my shower. I like it, it gets me clean and it works fine, but the hot water on it has been artificially limited so that I can’t burn myself. It blows my mind that letting me decide how much hot water I want to toss at myself has been forbidden because I might make it too hot.
Of course, over in Europe, there are steam heaters in rooms, exposed hot pipes, and not warnings on the damned things. People seemed to figure out a long time ago that these things were dangerous and don’t touch them. Apparently, American can’t figure that out and we must be warned. Of course, nobody reads the warnings and people still do dumb things.
Yes, people do dumb things, but if they’re hell-bent on doing them, no matter how many safeguards you put in place, they will find a way around them and just having them will not save a company or entity from legal action, so maybe, just maybe could we back off a little bit on not clamp down on the citizenry here? Thanks…