There Can Be Only Four

I came across mention of Mohammed Bello Abubakar before. This is a Muslim Nigerian fellow with 86 wives. Naturally the question arises as to why anyone would want to have that many wives, but who am I to judge.
Word has come down the he must choose only four. Yes, that’s right, he has to really back it up and have just four ladies. If he doesn’t comply with this, he’s going to be put to death.
I see two outcomes for this. Seeing as how he’s 84, he could very just go with the death option. That would probably be my choice. The other choice would be to sell this to an broadcasting company to make some kind of American Idol show where we go through an elimination system. I see the title now, Wife Hunt: Nigeria. You know it would spawn massive ratings as well as subsequent seasons. I can even see the reunion show now:
“Wife 37, how did it make you feel to be eliminated in just the first round?”
“Well, Carson, I was sad at first, but because I didn’t have any children, I eventually found my way in to a home where there were only eight wives. It was really a step up for me.”
“So, everyone was a winner?”
“Yes, yes, Carson, I’d have to say that everyone was a winner.”
“Dear god I love doing my part to save Africa.”
There Can Be Only Four