There are times a rubber mallet would be nice…

As I’ve been ranting, the Bart system has not been too friendly to me these days. In fact, I can’t remember the last time the trains ran on time in the morning since the start of the year. It’s like they let their #1 Transit System business go to their heads and they’ve shifted to a more English manner of scheduling trains.
Yesterday morning was no exception to the rule, but it went a bit over the top with my train being 25 minutes late. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no hurry to get to the office, but unfortunately, the later I arrive, the longer I need to stay, which is not a welcome thought. And of course, when Bart is running badly in the morning, the chances of it running badly in the evening are pretty good.
While my evening train back to my Zen Palace arrived at the right time, we got jammed up outside Rockridge Station and unfortunately this was made more troublesome by the fact a woman was talking loudly on her cellphone. But this was not just some regular cellphone talker. I could actually hear her through the music on my headphones that I was playing. That and anyone without headphones could hear the other person she was talking to because she had one of the “awesome” two-way phones that Nextel and others have cursed us with.
Dear god she was a daft one. So much to the point I wanted to grab her damned cellphone and smash it with a rubber mallet if I had had one, which of course I didn’t which is probably good, because then she would have been sad that her only portal to the human beings in her live would have been lying in a pile of satisfying (to me) bits on the floor of the train. Needless to say, I had to go to another car. If I bump in to her again, the mallet is coming out, because while a normal cellphone call is fine and even neccessary sometimes, inane, loud banter needs to stop. I really wish I could find some form of cellphone jamming system that I could carry with me, but I worry that my piece of mind would come at the cost of full body cancer from walking around with the thing.
Of course, I had a long time to think about all of this while a guy was having some kind of religious experience with the pulldown machine at the gym. I’m sure that when he’s not doing pulldown sets all day long he’s probably having loud, long cellphone calls that give him the tingles.