There is nothing easier than activism in San Francisco

It appears that Berkeley students are protesting again. This is hardly news and the only time when it was news (back in the 1960’s) has been long forgotten except by those of my parents’ generation who claim some connection to the protests at Berkeley, yet were nowhere near enough to them to risk getting their skull cracked by then governor, Ronald Reagan’s goon squad National Guard troops. But, the students of today, if they actually wanted to affect change would be protesting in Sacramento. They would boycott their classes and barricade in the state’s capital to confront those who are destroying the public schools of this once great state. Of course, that would be hard. There would be people in Sacramento who wouldn’t agree with them and who wants that.

This is a photo by the always-in-attendance Steve Rhodes. The subject of the photo is one Helaine Gawlica who, the day that she was doing this made the rounds: here, here, here, here, and a whole slew of other places that I’m not even going to bother to mention.

You wouldn’t realize it given the rather broad scope of what she painted on herself, but she is protesting the ban on gay marriage–in San Francisco. She is just one of a league of picketers who pull out their signs and fists to march down Market Street whenever any issue (be it gay rights or the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan) pop up in the news. I and countless others completely support them, but I live in San Francisco, so what are they accomplishing? It’s like telling a yellow lab what color he is.

If these people wanted to truly make a change, then they need to go to the other half of California where conservatism is bold and strong in places like Fresno, Tracy, Bakersfield, Redding, my hometown of Oroville or hell, even San Diego. That is the front where these war of ideas need to be fought and are not. There are indeed scary, scary people there in that there are people who won’t agree with their viewpoint and that’s just unfair and wrong (foot stomping encouraged when saying that).

Yeah, you risk getting your skull cracked when going up to some hick who tries to say “negro” when wanting to be politically correct and trying to convince him that gay marriage should be allowed. That’s tough, but that’s what it means to be an activist. As it is, everyone who isn’t able to do this, but still feels that they want to “affect change”, moves to live in San Francisco and be surrounded by those of like opinions who comfort each other in the amazing work they’re doing for human rights each time they march down Market Street. It really lacks a certain amount of conviction as opposed to what others face in the world.

Quite honestly, it’s tiring given that even though I support their cause, I know that they have absolutely no ideas in regards to implementation or longterm planning on any of their agendas. Essentially, San Francisco is home to the liberal temper tantrum and anyone who pigeonholes it as such is committing no fallacy in my view.