The Yelp 100 Club

On Yelp you submit reviews and you speak your mind. You ‘yelp’ essentially, thus the name. Clever, no? Yes, it is and what is great is that there are a few of us that hit a threshold of reviews most don’t get to and that is the 100 mark.
I am very proud to announce that I have reached this mark. I wasn’t aware of it, but when you hit this mark, you get use of the Yelp Timeshare in Sherman Oaks. Yeah, I know, I didn’t believe it either. Sherman Oaks. I never thought I’d make it. At 500 reviews, you get a hug from an actual Yelp staff member of your chosing and a friendly lick from Darwin, the Yelp mascot. If you’re ever to hit 1,000 reviews, you become one with Yelp and join their board of directors. It’s all just so incredible, it’s hard to believe!
Of course, this is all crap and you just earn the respect of your peers. You can read my pile o’ reviews at and you can read all about my favorite Yelp item, the Yelp T-Shirt.