The Worst Tea in Croatia

In one word, it is called “Franck” and quite franckly, it’s pretty damned awful. My heart goes out to the poor people who have to work in the factory where its produced, since they’re making a really lousy product. Of course, tea consumption in this former Socialist country is not what it is in places like Russia or England, so its understandable that it may fall behind the curve a little bit. Even with taking that into account though, I think this stuff is in a class lower than Lipton.
Being a tea snob is of course a hard thing, since you expect the stuff to taste good and you get spoiled being in the US where we import every kind of tea leaf that’s good. For instance Mighty Leaf is some great stuff, albeit for people who really want the stuff. You just can’t get anything like that in Croatia, except for Zagreb where they have a better selection of teas. Along the coast its either Franck or some kind of fruit tea that’s actually worse than Franck because it’s inordinately sweet and has no blessed caffeine in it. On the other hand though, I hear their coffee is superb, so if that’s your thing, you’re in luck.
So, just keep in mind. If you’re a tea drinker going to Croatia, bring your own supply and get ready to ask for hot water, because Franck will make your mind go crazy.