The World as 100 People

My mom had told me about this interesting article she had read which took the world as it is today and scaled it down to 100 people. I can’t exactly do the math on what that ratio would be, but they did it to bring into proportion how disproportionate our world actually is.
One of the main items that stuck out at me was the fact that out of those 100 people 1 would have a computer. In the US, we are always talking about how technology is bringing up closer together, but in reality it only brings roughly 60-100 million people in a world of 6 billion closer together and most of those are in the US. Pretty sad really, since the internet and computers, while becoming a pollution nightmare are doing great things to inform more people than was ever possible before.
While I had heard about this some time ago, I was reminded of it while doing casting for my film, because I would get emails from guys that were actually women and women that were actually guys. No, this wasn’t some odd transgender stuff, it was due to the fact that the person actually emailing me didn’t have access to a computer of their own and had to use a friend or spouse’s computer to contact me. You might be thinking, well, why not go out and get one of those cheapie $500 or less computers and the answer to that is is simply the fact that anyone down in LA who is serious about acting, doesn’t have any other jobs usually and is pretty poor until they get their big break.
I do like the fact that Hollywood has, in a large part gone digital, because it eliminates such things as wasteful headshot sending (see yesterday) and it allows people to share scripts in a digital format, thus saving paper. But, at the same time I wonder who is getting left on the wrong side of the chasm which spans the digital divide in this move towards a binary world?