The wonderful merits of Ginger

I like to cook. I like to use spices. I usually use the bottle variety as it’s rather hard to keep a lot of the spices around and fresh. Occassionally I’ll get fresh ones and of course it pays off, since the flavor is so much richer.
There is one spice though, that I simply cannot ever get in the bottle variety again and that’s Ginger. For those who don’t know, it comes in root form and keeps for quite a long time, thus making it rather easy to keep around. The only catch it that you ahve to peel and cut it up when you want to use it, but that’s a small price to pay for the burst of flavor it affords.
I’m sure there are other health benefits to using it that people will attest to, but all I care about it how damn good it tastes when you add it into things. Try sauteed mushrooms with some diced ginger and cilanthro. That’s simply to die for. Mix in a little soup stock into it and you’ve got a sauce that will knock you’re socks off.
Now I understand why just about every dish at a Chinese restaurant is crammed full of this wonderful root.