The wonder of rain in SF

We’ve had some rain for the last couple of days here and it’s a welcome thing. Not because it is a rare occurence and not because it is something that everyone wants, oh no. In fact, most people will complain endlessly about it here since they are so spoiled by good weather all the time.
The real reason that rain is good is because it cleans the streets, something which should be done by the city systems, which isn’t. It’s a pretty obvious thing as the streets in SF are really filthy. It’s no wonder though, since, if you watch the street sweepers come through, they pretty much just stay in the middle of the street and don’t touch the curbs where the trash really collects.
Current and on his way out, thank god, mayor, Willie Brown has all kinds of culprits as to why the streets aren’t clean, but it’s rather amazing that a town which takes pride in recycling just about everything is dirtier than New York. No, there are only two solutions ultimately since city government is so corrupt and those are, for it rain more, which isn’t going to chnage any time soon or for us to adopt hydrogen fuel cell cars, which will dump out water from their tailpipes, thus regularly cleaning up the streets.