The Wedding or How to Spend about Two Weeks Insane

I came back from DR Congo exactly a week and a half ago. Beyond spending time blogging about it and the oddball Eurovision tidbits, there has been a rather large chunk of time plugged in to the planning of a wedding; my wedding. Planning started months and months ago, but all the real heavy lifting happened once touching down in Spain, where the wedding was today. Of course, there was the initial work in April, but then after a two and a half week trip to Congo, we were left with one and a half weeks to deal with everything, which basically means listening to Spaniards in all the shops tell you that you’re doing everything last minute, lecturing you on this for 30 minutes before you have to basically beg them to sell you some chocolates for after the ceremony. This makes for slow going and I suppose is, “soooo Spanish” if one wishes to stereotype.
But, it all got done. People arrived. Barcelona, Figueres, and Girona were shown. The rain decided to fall, but there was a backup plan and then the dinner was had. The place for the ceremony and meal was, La Plaça de Madremanya, which is a heavenly spot with beautiful rooms and food that is incredibly good.
And that’s it. My single days are done. I now have my partner in flight for travel and adventure throughout the world and we are officially, legally stuck with each other for good on two continents, which makes me unduly happy.
The Wedding or How to Spend about Two Weeks Insane

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  1. Michael, congratulations. I wish I could have been there. I hope it was lovely, and I look forward to hearing all about it when you come back.

    1. Ah, it wouldn’t have been any good. Too much meat for ya, way too much meat. They like the meat in Spain. That and the main course was lobster. I’m finally starting to like to eat things that lived in the water, but only in salt water and currently only from the Mediterranean. There may be hope in the future, if one likes fish…

    2. Congratulations. Remind me to bring my body-weight in tofu if I visit spain

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