The webs that Russian authors weave

Russian authors are really interesting. Of the ones that I’ve read or seen their works performed, they love to twist things around on themselves and wind the plot through their fingers in a way that I think a lot of standard issue Americans don’t really get. Fine by me. What they write isn’t for everyone.
Reason I bring this up is because of a play I saw last weekend called The Master and Margarita. It was put on by ACT and overall, it was very good. It was in a large part free of the stiff quality that plays at the main theatre seem to be forever quagmired in. This is most likely in part because it was at the Zeum and put on the ACT Young Theatre Group. The only problem with it being a young group is the fact that some of the roles were a tad off, since it was obvious that the person playing it was very young. One other bad quality to it is the fact that this group did this annoying thing of having a character that just wandered around the stage for the whole performance and didn’t say anything. I’ve seen this in other ACT plays and I think that they think it’s very clever and their “signature” but I find it rather trite and insanely contrived. It’d be great if they stopped doing this altogether.
Overall a great play of a complex subject and if it’s still playing when you read this, I’d really recommend to check it out.