The Walkers Rule

No where else does it seem that pedestrians rule as much as San Francisco. In the US at the very least, SF seems to be one of the few towns where drivers have to watch out for we strolling fools as we go about our ways. If you see someone who doesn’t understand this, then they’re not from around town most likely. I remember a woman honking at me because I was walking across a crosswalk once on Broadway where I had the green. She was something else, damn near tried to kill me, and damn near got a turkey with swiss chucked in her open window.
Overall, it’s a peaceful relationship I believe. The drivers realize the god-like powers of the walkers and how they cannot be touched. I enjoy it quite a bit and I think that it’s one of the reasons I liek Europe so much, although in central London and Split, Croatia, the drivers verge on homicidal. In London this is worsened by the fact you’re not used to looking the other way when crossing the street. In Split the biggest problem is that they’ll always cuss at you in Croatian, which is a shame, since hearing the insults of people in other countries is one of the highlights of traveling.
So I shuffle on home and wear through another pair of shoes. I’ll buy them yet again to wear them away, all the while realizing they’re a damn sight cheaper than car insurance.