The Voice of Radiohead

For those familiar with the song, “A Reminder” by Radiohead (it’s on the Airbag EP) there is a lilting, ethereal woman’s voice that comes on at the beginning of the song. It turns out that voice is a sample from the Metro in Prague warning about the closing doors at the Jiřího z Poděbrad‎ stop.
A the story goes, one or more of the members of Radiohead were struck by this seductive voice that comes on speaking a Slavic language. It pierces through all the din of the trams and Metro cars to just float above the hustle and bustle. Thusly, they felt like incorporation it in to one of their songs, as Radiohead does.
Now that I’ve actually heard the voice in person, I can understand why they made this choice. Truth be told, I find the voice (I believe it’s the same woman) to be sexier in the tram messages than in the Metro messages, where she sounds a bit more matronly. But, it just goes to show that despite the stereotype presented in Cold War Era movies with Russian and other Slavic languages being portrayed as these brusque, hard languages, they can sound really sexy if they want to. It all just depends on who is speaking them.
That being the case, there is also a man’s voice, which you hear on the red line Metro. I’ve included a clip of it below. Obviously, I’m not digging on it as much as the woman’s voice, but it could easily be said that those who run the Prague transport system are striving for a good deal of creaminess for the riders to enjoy.
On a side note with these clip, I might be imagining things, but the beginning tones sound just like the first bit to the song Kid A. Maybe someone else will agree or maybe not…
The Voice of Radiohead