The Taste of New Paint

Paint and specifically new paint is a smell that I remember fondly. Such is not the case for many people who find the fumes to be noxious and try to stay clear. For me though, I also associate new paint with my grandparents’ house. My grandmother likes things to be rather clean and tidy and with this, I think that there was always something that had just gotten a fresh layer of polyurethane over the top of it. My cookies, cartoons, and other spoilings back in the days of yore are forever intertwined with the smell of paint.
This is why one of the things I like about living in an apartment is the fact that you get to smell new paint quite a bit. There is always someone moving out each month and with a move out usually comes a coat of new paint to go over the top of the other 50+ layers most of the units have seen since the 1920’s when the building was constructed. The smell does seem a bit more intense than I remember though. It’s at a level where you can taste it depending on where you are in the building and how keen your senses are that day.
Despite all that, new neighbors and new paint are something I look forward to. I feel like I need to go out and spoil myself with some ice cream when the smell of flat eggshell/almond/navajo/mission or whatever shade of off-white it is that they use in the units greets me as I check my mail.