The Spread of Black and Tan Herpes

I really don’t like the Academy of Art. For those that know me, this is not news news. My reasons are varied, but they tend to revolve around the fact that it’s a pretty lame college that costs a lot and does nothing to get you a job. The worst part is that their recruiting and marketing folks paint this picture that you’re going to be able to work your dream job in art once you go there. Knowing firsthand how incredibly tough it is to make a living as an artist, from having parents who are artists, it disgusts me to see how this place is billed.
So, why all the students? Simple. You’ve got a kid who is running around sewing zippers on their jeans, dressing in black, maybe dying their hair, and thinks they’re an artist, what else are you going to do with them? Send them to community college to prove that they have the mettle to make it? Nah… why do that when there is a $20,000+ (that’s just tuition) place that’d love to have ’em. It’s true, the Academy does see some truly gifted artists come through their doors, but I defer to my community college line, in that they’d do just as well there and in reality receive a much better education.
Okay, so why else are they bad and why the ‘herpes’ moniker? Once again, simple. They spread their buildings around the city like an STD. You know where they are too, because everywhere gets the black and tan paint job. Such is the case on my street in San Francisco. There were no AoA buildings here, when I moved in a couple years ago and then about six months later, they bought an old hotel and converted it in to a dorm. Yip. Pee. A bunch of turdlings who have parents footing their exorbitant bills to live int he City, running around without a care in their world, because they’re artists. The fact that most really successful artists have had to deal with a great deal of hardship to create what they have gets lost on these kids.
And now, I’ve just learned that the venerable Commodore Hotel at 825 Sutter Street has been bought by the Art Academy! Crap! Crap! Crap! Whether it’s just classrooms or god forbid another dorm, it doesn’t matter. More black and tan is coming. It’s getting pretty ridiculous and this amid other reasons will probably be the thing that finally pushes me out of the downtown triangle because I just can’t stomach this group. Why is that? You ever heard of anyone wanting to live within a four block radius of a college campus when they’re not in college? No, nobody does. If they do, they need help.
My only hope is that this never ending spread of property investment and spending will end with the collapse of this joke of a school. They seem to base their constant buying on the fact that there is a constantly growing number of idiots who are going to spend dumbenning amounts of money on a cracker jack school. Thankfully, this is not the case and I for one will be ready to toast the demise of this sham factory when that day does hopefully come. Why the Commodore? Why?!!