The Sponzoruša

This is a term that a lot of guys in the US probably aren’t familiar with. This is the phenomenon that is most commonly known in the Balkans as the Sponzoruša. It’s something of a bastardized word from BCS (Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian) which is used for women when, in the words of one of my Bosnian friends means, “someone is sponsoring her ass”. In the US we’ll often call these girls, “kept”, or any number of other terms to denote that they really aren’t paying their way other than through sex with a guy or just giving him attention to get what they want.

So, the behavior is simple enough to understand, but how can you spot one? There are many telltale signs:

– wickedly high heels
– lots of makeup
– very done up hair
– big sunglasses that are most likely a designer knock-off
– ample cleavage that may or not not exist, yet is being shown prominently
– transparent bra straps, which I might add, really aren’t fooling anyone
– no or an extremely small handbag (these girls don’t need money)

I realize that these are all well and good and can cover a great range of girls, but I need to add that there are a couple more items that really make the ensemble click to the level of Sponzoruša. One is shiny clothing. Clothes that have some kind of silver or gold shimmer are highly sought after by these girls. Also, there is the attitude. These girls walk around like they own the town and seem intimidating. If one of these girls acts like she’d rather kick you in the balls, but then changes in to the sweetest thing on earth once you offer to buy her a drink, you’ve been hooked by a Sponzoruša.

I’m sure that a lot of Western European and American guys think that these girls are easily fooled and that if they play along, they’re going to get some easy sex. Ha. These girls are tough, crafty, and pretty damned smart. The only men who can really handle them are their fellow countrymen. Guys from farther West and especially from America (no, we Americans do not rule the world, you asses) are just too soft-hearted even if they’re the biggest bastard on the face of the planet. If you are foolish enough to attempt to baby one of these girls, you will end up a sad pile of dust and bones, because these aren’t the whiny, princess American girls who scream through their noses to get what they want. These are women with a purpose and you are one of many tools that will allow them to get it.

So just sit back and admire the spectacle as they strut up and down the Old City squares in places like Dubrovnik, Budva, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Split and Zagreb, to name a few Sponzoruša Centers, but proceed no further unless you want longterm damage.

The Sponzoruša

2 Replies to “The Sponzoruša”

  1. You Americans invented this term of women (and men) behaviorism. When we look at all the stars on the red carpet, who are they hauling on their arm – sponzorusa’s. Or just look at the big millionares and their young wifes (Ana Nicole, ring a bell).So don’t make it a Balkan thing. We just gave it a proper name. And you call them models, starlets or even worse, an actresses. Hahahahhahaha

    1. Oh no, we didn’t invent this type of woman (or man). They’ve been around as long as there has been power in the world. They just used to be called a concubine. It’s nothing new, just the term and to be honest, there’s a lot more of them in Russia. I love the term though and it is a term that is strictly from the Balkans. The girls there are crafty though. The ones in the US are just boring and annoying.

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