The Spanish Sombrero

The Spanish Sombrero

To all those visiting Spain, I have a message for you: The Sombrero is Not Spanish. Yeah, I know, you can get them in tourists shops and they seem like they’re everywhere, but come on, those guys sell a caganer of anything that makes money. So, is it no surprise that they’d sell something that is much more Mexican than Spanish? No, no it isn’t.

Oh yeah, for those who don’t know it, ‘sombrero’ actually just means ‘hat’ in Spanish. We English speakers just went and incorrectly stole that up from Mexican Spanish (as well as the delicious word, ‘quesadilla’) even though it just means ‘hat’ in Mexican Spanish as well. We did something as dumb with ‘salsa’ which just means ‘sauce’, but we think it’s a Mexican sauce and that Seinfeld got five minutes of an episode out of saying it.

But, feel free to get one when you’re in Spain because it’s funny in a truly stupid tourist kind of way. You’ll find others like you. Lost. Clueless. Asking for a hat like them Mexicans wear when you’re in Spain because Spain is just like Mexico, right? No, no it is not. But I know you can’t hear me now as you’re screaming olé as you run down out on les Rambles with your new found glory in your new found Mexican hat. Actually, while you’re at it, get out of here and head on down to Mexico and get a proper sombrero. You and I will be much happier.

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  1. I’m still confused over wether their spanish or not.

  2. Mexican hats are NOT Spanish, tourist look ridiculous wearing them in Spain and thinking they are Spanish…

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