The Sound of One Hand Clapping

I’m not really sure why I find the title appropriate, but I just do when it comes to the never-ending and relentless approach of the Bush administration. Someone comes out against the war, they get labeled as un-American. Someone tries to pull the troops out of Iraq and it’s said that they’re somehow betraying the mission when we all know that the “mission” was a load of crap in the first place with thousands of Americans and possibly hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dying for this. This just popped in to my head because of a bit I saw in the paper where Cheney was leveling these accusations at the Democrats for actually trying to come up with a plan for Iraq.
This is not news. What it is, is amazing to me because this is the same rhetoric, drum, horn, and whatever you want to call it that this administration has been using since they usurped power. It thoroughly blows my mind that it’s been six years of this and even after a heavy defeat in Congress, they’re still doing this and scarily some Americans still fall for it. Of course, with the stock market falling, interest rising, and a variety of other troubling economic signs, it might finally all be crumbling as it should. Unfortunately there will still be Senor Arbusto sitting there for the next two years with that stupid/crazed look on his face as he’ll most blame the problems at home on something “nucular” that came out of 9/11.