The sooner you realize…

…that you’re going to be wrong about a lot of things quite often, the faster you’ll be able to figure out how to deal with it.
Yeah, it’s a pithy saying, but I think there’s some truth in it, since it seems that about 50% of all the time in the wordl is spent either trying to figure out how something went wrong, or who the blame for the wrongness can be passed on to. I’ve been subjected to this a bit lately, as people try to blame the fact that the have a complete inability to listen to what I say or read what I write on the fact that they think that something to the contrary and are quite disheartened when they find out that that is not the case. I take great care in attempting to make sure people understand what I say and when they nod their head and say yes, and then come back 15 minutes later with the same bovine question that broadcasts their inability to listen, it is definitely rather frustrating.
How do I deal with being wrong though? Simple, I don’t care most of the time. I try to laugh it off by realizing how badly I was wrong and wallowing in the glory of my wrongness. In doing so, it’s amazing how fast you actual look forward to being wrong, as opposed to fearing it as the great unknown. Because man, I gotta tell you, we all screw up big and it’s a shame that more people can’t enjoy it when they’re the guilty party.