The “Smes”

Okay, so what’s “smes”? Well, I gotta tell you that until a few days ago, it wasn’t something that I was that familar with either, but since then, I’ve gotten to know it well. To properly understand “smes” we need to back up a couple steps though.
My profession is in information technology or IT as it is as known and those who work in my job are usually regarded on about the same level as dentists. Yes, it sucks, but it’s the truth and you gotta live with it. Thankfully you tend to get paid decently to do this job though. At any rate, people hate to ask me things and they hate have me do things, since when I touch a machine, it invariably means that something will change on it and we all know how we feel about change. Change not good. Change require pitchforks and torches to burn away change. This leads in to people asking you direct questions so that you don’t get off on a tangent and try to explain change to them. Direct questions, while impersonal beget direct answers and thus, IT people then get seen as being direct, callous, and uncaring. This in turn makes us saracastic, annoying, and darkly comic in order to cope with tis. And on, and on goes this viscous circle that just gets nutty and we IT people just say “No” to get beyond all of it.
So, I had to write up goals for 2005 and one of mine was to say “Yes” while still meaning “No” This is a tricky thing indeed, since, in the english language these terms are rather exclusive from one another and most would say that they are the opposite of each other. People always want to hear “Yes” and never want to hear “No” which of course isn’t possible, since saying “Yes” all the time will drive you nuts, since you make promises that you won’t be able to fulfil. So, therein was my dilema, until one of the directors was reading over my goals and saw that, looked up at me, and said, “What you need is the ‘Small Yes’.”
“The ‘Small Yes’?”
“Yes, the ‘Small Yes’. It is a ‘yes’ but with reservations.”
“Ah, I see..”
Now, I understand the concept behind it, but I don’t really like the term, since I’m a guy who doesn’t like terms for things that are all about manipulating people, so I henceforth am calling this the “Smes” and I will try it when I can. But, there is one drawback in this in that now the director has let me in on one of his secrets. In fact, he came down and was smessing with me today as I was telling him about some things I’d like try. Of course now I realize it and see right through it, so I smes him right back. And on, and on the smessing goes until we stop talking and don’t accomplish much. Pretty silly really, but hey, so is work and anything else that doesn’t involve move making.