The Smarter Surfer Uses Hudin

Upon browsing the log statistics for this site (which is possible my fourth favorite hobby), I was happy to see that the percentage of Internet Explorer 6 users sits at about 41% of total traffic for March. For those who don’t know, IE6 is crap. It’s broken. It’s bug-prone. It’s a security hazard. And well, just get Firefox. Firefox is by far and away the best browser out there right now and naturally, it’s free! It also happens to be the case that 21% of total traffic to the site uses Firefox. An unfortunate 6% are using Safari which is really just IE6’s slightly less inbred cousin for the Mac.
But hey, I realize that not everyone wants to use Firefox (despite it’s awesomeness) so I won’t fault a person for using Internet Explorer 7 on Windows. This browser is much better than version 6. I’m still convinced that Microsoft bought Opera’s codebase from them because so many bugs are similar between the two, but whatever the case, it’s an improvement. It’s the fact that 20% of the users of this site are on IE7 that I’m pretty sure that Hudin fans are smarter than most others.
Compared to other sites, these statistics are amazing. I’ve seen IE6 usage around 55-60% on other big sites, which is just sad. I know that upgrading can be a real pain, especially if you’re on a slower connection, but if you can, get Firefox! Hudin salutes you :)

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