The Slowest Drivers of Croatia

It may come as a shock to readers, based on several articles about driving in Croatia, but I have done a good deal of driving in Croatia lately. Naturally due to the fact I really don’t like driving I don’t really like this activity, but it was necessary to visit wineries and sites that needed drinking and seeing.
But, in driving around a heavily trafficked area in the height of holiday season, I have come to find groups (based on their license plates) who are slower drivers and more frustrating than others. Obviously this is not to say that all people from these groups are hell, just a great many of them. So here with go with the list:

The Dutch
Sweet lord they drive slow. They also love to drive in groups making it impossible to pass them. And then, toss in the fact that they always have caravans attached to their cars and it’s all quite a package. On this trip, I was alerted to the fact by more than one person that the Dutch are the cheapest of the cheap in Europe, so it’s no wonder that the caravans dominate the roads, since they allow heavy money saving in resort locations.

The Hungarians
I’ve liked every Hungarian that I’ve met. So, it came as something of a shock to see them putting along like they do. For awhile I actually thought they were the slowest drivers, until of course I was confronted by the aforementioned Dutch. Still though, they really don’t go fast out there on the open roads and I feel like such a crazy American when I pass them doing the speed limit.

The Germans
This was the real shocker. I’ve known Germans who tear up the road. They drive ferociously fast in both Germany and from what I’ve seen, in the US. Amazingly, in Croatia, they just crawl along. While definitely not the slowest, they are among some of the slowest that I’ve seen. I think it must have to do with being worried about the police harassing them because they’re German, but given their general attitudes in the towns where I’ve seen them staying, I refuse to believe that they’d be that cautious.
The Slowest Drivers of Croatia