The Slovenian Obama

When most folks think, “Slovenia”, they usually first think, “What?” and then when prodded a bit further they might think, “Member of the EU and Eurozone”, “beer“, “47km of coast”, and again, “What?” Yeah, this little chicken-shaped country of two million people is not known by many. It’s known by me as I have family there, but otherwise, it tends to stay out of the way and have a nice pleasant life while being an overall pleasant place that isn’t shitting on the rest of the world. There is much to be said for this way of life these days.

So, it’s pretty wild to read that the town of Piran (which sits on that small 47km scratch of coast) has just elected the first black mayor not only of Slovenia, but probably all of the former Yugoslavia. I’d warrant that there are a few other countries where it hasn’t happened yet like Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Albania just to name of a few.

Apparently, it’s not the hugest of news in Slovenia as they, like most of the world have larger economic problems to deal with. But still, it’s pretty remarkable that this Ghanaian, Peter Bossman (how’s that for a portentous name?) became the mayor of a very, very Caucasian country in Central Europe. Now we’ll just have to see if his Populist campaign to bring an airport to town (despite the close proximity of those in Ljubljana, Trieste, and Pula) comes through. The golf course he’s proposing could very well happen as they like to plunk those wastes of resources down anywhere they can in this neck of the woods.

Naturally, you can read a good deal more about this in the generally always spectacular Sleeping with Pengovsky.