The Skinny Ass Pant

Skinny Ass PantSeriously, I’ve been bombarded by this GAP advertising of “The Skinny Black Pant” for some time now in the Bart stations and it’s pretty ridiculous. Really, what girl is going to look good in these? Not any girl I’ve ever dated because I like women with hips and an ass (see here). What spindly, starving everything away kind of girl could fit in to these? God, she’d look like death because these look like tights they’ve tacked a boot cut on to the bottom of. And hey, why is this a big deal? Oh yeah, marketing says it is. Stick with the denim ladies. It’s your friend even if it does take you an entire weekend to find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly.
I suppose this is just more brilliance from the GAP in an effort to circumvent the ethics of cloning by just making everyone look the same on the outside. Bleah.