The Shath

It never ceases to amaze me how different countries decide to present their light switches/toilets/power outlets/showers. The one piece of bathing equipment that has taken the cake so far is the one that I had to use in Venice for two nights when I was there a day ago. The best way to equate it to anything that anyone else knows would be to combine the worst parts of a SHowerbATH together into this one whacked-out thing called a Shath.

Essentially, you have a tiny little tub you can only sit in, but it won’t fill up with water. To bathe, there is this flexible shower head thing that you have to move around you to wash up. There is no shower curtain, so you get water everywhere and you can’t stand up, or you’ll certainly die by slipping.

I’d have to say it’s one of the dumbest things to be invented for bathing ever. But that seems to be the way the Italians like it. They really like a bathroom to get wet and I’m not talking a little drops of water on the floor from stepping out of the shower. I’m talking gondola-riding, canal-flooding wet because unlike the Croatians who put a drain in the floor, there’s no where for the water to go.

I’m mystified by the whole damn thing, but Venice was pretty mind-blowing as well, so I guess it’s all a 48 hour’s journey. Nuts…