The secret to white teeth

Apparently, instead of solving the world’s problems or even solving our own, the new obssesion with middle to upper class America is white, bright teeth. Possible you or something that you know has been afflicted with this condition, so watch out.
It’s a funny thing really, since you can always tell who has had their teeth whitened, since this get this kidn of translucent, unhealthy English skin white to them. That’s what I noticed was really the problem with it all, since these teeth they’re getting don’t really look white, they look completely artificial and honestly, not very appealing.
But, people are still doing it and I admit that there are people who could probably use one treatment, once, and then just take care of their teeth from that point on. These treatments are expensive though and aren’t really any substitute for better living, since it’s all the junk that we eat that causes a lot of the staining (coffee and tea do as well, but that’s a different issue.)
So, I give to you, my secret to whiter teeth that’s not only healthy, but costs about $2.00 when you get it on sale. This secret is baking soda! You use it about every other teeth brushing and you’ll get gleaming incisors that don’t get that weird fake whitened glow to them. The only drawback is that you may not like the flavor of baking soda or the grittiness of it, but is that’s the case, then my friend, you just aren’t committed to the whitening process now are you?