The San Francisco Long Weekend

I always look forward to these long three day weekends in the City. No, it’s not because I get extended time off to go running around the state or anything, it’s actually because the City clears out. For some reason as yet unbeknown to me, the majority of people who are normally around just aren’t. It’s true that there are still a lot of people here, but in general, you can go a lot of places and not run in the crowds that you normally would. Union Square for instance has been pretty clear this whole weekend. Going out isn’t a problem because the bars/clubs aren’t as crowded as they usually are on the weekends. A friend of mine even found parking on a Saturday night less than a block from my apartment!
Maybe everyone in the City ditches town to head for warmer shores while the sun is still good. Although that is surprising with gas above $3 a gallon these days. Maybe they all just stay inside more and catch up on much needed sleep from the normal workday rigamarole. Whatever is going on, it has to be in tandem with all the people who usually come in as well though, because the bridges are easier to get across and the Bart doesn’t have as many souls.
I don’t know the cause and ultimately, I don’t care because everything is still open and I get to have a great “getaway” without leaving town. When this happens, I really understand why everyone comes here in the first place.