The road against the Bush

The group Move On – started up an interesting contest to get short commercials from people to run during Bush’s impending State of the Union address which will of course, be against all of his “policies” and actions as of late. The site for it is and I have to say, some of the commercials are very well done. I wish them the best of success and hope that it all goes through. Of course, this isn’t a one fronted fight to overthrow this regime and there are many other items that have been put out there to show the true face of Bush.
A couple of books are very good, including Michael Moore’s – Dude, Where’s My Country? and Paul Krugman’s The Great Unraveling. Both of these books brings to light all of the corruption and evil CEO-ocity that is running the country currently. Sometimes they’re hard to read, since they make your extremely frustrated with the failed state of democracy in this country that got Bush into power. But, they’re a must read if you don’t like the regime.
It will be a long hard fight for the Democrats against Bush this year, but Howard Dean show some promise and will hopefully be just the person to upset the power. I wish I could look 11 months into the future and see what happens, just so that I could breath easier, but unfortunately my crystal ball is in the shop and I’ll have to wait like everyone else. At the very least I hope that control of the House and Senate is taken away from the Republicans just so that they can’t railroad through every single thing that they want.