The Rites for the End of Summer & Ass Chaps

The days draw colder in the city on the Bay as the fog returns and layering is required in any activity where you’re outside for longer than twenty minutes. But, we in San Francisco do not mourn the loss of sun and heat as it trades for the cold and fog that many call winter, yet we call Fall/Winter/Spring. It’s our real weather and our real time. Life gets down when the late summer hits San Francisco through September anyways and the cold forces people to be more productive and focused.
So focused that the end of the heat makes everyone speed up everything that they do. For instance, as I sat at a stoplight in my rental car, a fellow next to me was eating his peanuts at a feverish pace. This only made sense as the sun was going down, the temperature falling and summer quickly coming to an end. These would be the last peanuts he would eat in 2004 and I understand the need to push as many as he could in to his mouth.
And then there were the ass chaps. These lovely pieces of apparel are something of a leather pant that comes up and nearly covers all the body, except for the ass. These then allows the bulbous, pock-marked, hairy, pale lumps of fat otherwise known as men’s asses to be prominently displayed. While there was nothing aobut the to appreciate, it was obvious that these ass-chapped individuals were taking full advantage of the fading summer as they wandered the Folsom Street Fair over the weekend and even made their way through other neighborhoods, asses and other appendages hanging out.
It was a fine salute to summer. It is nearly over now. Our three weeks have passed and with them, the memories of what it is like to live in stereotypical California where there are beaches, the sun, lovely sunsets and of course, leather ass chaps.