The Problem with My iPod Mini

The Problem with My iPod Mini

First and foremost, my issue is not, as Borat profoundly says it, that, “Everybody know it for girls!” I am quite happy with the form factor and if that reduces my overall outward sexuality, so be it. I carried with me around Europe for almost four months and am quite okay with it, even the fact that it’s green.

No, the big problem with my iPod Mini is that it still works very well and plays music. These are the two things that I need out of such a device. For the last three years that I’ve had this thing, The Jobs keeps coming out with supposedly newer and better devices. He even did away with the Mini. But, I still got mine and since I doubt I could get anything for it on Ebay at this point (couple of dings from dropping it once or twice) there really is no point but to hold on to it until it completely dies.

So, Apple keeps trying to tempt me with new devices because I am one of those people that they want to see upgrading all the time. I’m younger than 35. I live in San Francisco. I have a decent income. And of course, I’m a programmer by profession. I am supposed to upgrade. I am supposed to be buying The New. But yet, I don’t. A good deal of this is because I believe in better buying and don’t want to generate more E-waste in the world. The other reason behind this is that beyond playing music, keeping a charge, and being small, Apple hasn’t really convinced me to upgrade. But, let’s look at some of the things they’ve attempted to ply me with and why I didn’t like them:

  • iPod Shuffle – Too little storage. No Screen.
  • iPod Nano – First generation was really bad. Second generation was better, but does nothing above and beyond what my Mini did. Third generation is much more interesting, but I don’t really care about video all the much and I don’t care about it on that small a screen.
  • iPod (Classic) – Whatever the version, while they’ve always had better storage than my Mini they were just too big and the video feature was really uninteresting given that screen format.
  • iPhone – Way, way too much stuff in a phone. Bad battery life. Only slightly more storage than my Mini. Too expensive. Locked in with AT&T who I really dislike.
  • iPod Touch – Now this is interesting. It provides everything that I have, plus some new features that I like, such as viewing horizontal. But like the iPhone, the price is just too much for 16 gigs of storage. You can buy almost terabytes of external storage for that price! It’s also still kind of new and they’re getting the kinks worked out. Once again, I really just like to play music and it doesn’t do anything more than my Mini in that category and even a little less, since I can’t tap the controls in my pocket like I do with my Mini.

Moral of the story? The iPod Mini was probably the best basic music player that Apple ever made and they killed it at the height of its popularity. Some saw that as a bold move. I just saw it as backwards, since the beat goes on for me in Mini style and it seems that many are getting unhappy with the new Apple Greed system.