The Problem With Berkeley Is…

When I was at the political discussion the other night, I was reminded of how happy I am that I don’t live in Berkeley anymore. You can easily overlook the fact that Berkeley is very far away from San Francisco and that it’s colder than San Francisco by the fact that it’s a beautiful location up there in the hills and that the campus is, in my mind at least, a very attractive campus.
No, what does it for me, is the people. Of course everyone there is liberal to say the least and they can be a little, well, intense, but people with convictions don’t really bother me all that much as long as they have a reasonable amount of intelligence or at the very least, some support to back up their claims. I say this, because these are a lot of the people that you find in San Francisco. There are people that articulate and people that actually work for a cause and get things done, which is something of the reverse in Berkeley.
Yes Berkeley is liberal and environmental and free thinking and everything else that is traditionally considered left wing, but their problem is that there are so many voices talking that you can’t hear a single message. Because everyone in Berkeley seems to have a voice and they all try to use them. Seems good in theory, but in reality all this discordance in effect cancels itself out. You can’t hear any message from these people except for that fact that they’re all trying to say their message.
I guess the best way to sum up Berkeley is to say that it’s what happens when liberalism goes bad. Or maybe it’s the fact that true compassionate socialism doesn’t work well with a centralized government. I don’t know for sure, but what I do know is that if everyone yelling about everything all the time doesn’t get to you, then the lesbian relieving herself in the urinal next to probably will (yes, that happened to me on Sunday. Not cool. Not cool at all.)