The Party Trolley

If you’re sitting around any particular night of the week and being a loner in your downtown apartment in San Francisco, you may suddenly be terrified. This feeling only last for a derline if you’ve lived here for awhile. If you’re new to the area, then you may be tempted to call 911 due to the incredible screams and madness that is quickly approaching up the street. Yes, I talk about the one and only party trolley.
I’m guessing that this is something which really only occurs in San Francisco because we’re about the only place that has trolleys (cable cars, not trams of course.) And, I suppose the best way to describe it is thusly:
Take your normal, everyday cable car.
Boost it off the tracks.
Toss on a set of wheels and a motor of its own.
Let it cruise around San Francisco freely.
Fill it up with people.
Add in the sound of people screaming like the scene in Virtuosity where Russell Crowe as Sid 6.7 takes over the club and starts conducting an orchestra of horror.
Mix all that together and you’ve got yourself the experience I hear on a somewhat regular basis as drunken nuts comes cruising up the street hopping from bar to bar with their untethered cable car.
Obviously these are all people who have paid for the pleasure of doing this, just like the people during the day who ride around in the same trolleys as they give guided tours of San Francisco. It’s really something for out-of-towners to do, but I’ve always had a wicked urge to rent one of the damned things regardless. It’s sorta like my feelings towards Alcatraz Island. I don’t hate it. I think it’s okay. Someday I might do it if someone is visiting and I want to show them around.
Party trolleys. Boo yah.