The Octoberian Summer

I’ll let everyone outside of San Francisco in on a little secret, October is our summer. Sure, there may be a few days during the actual “summer” where it gets hot, but because of how this city is set up, they last at most, three days. October is the only time where we actually get very warm weather for some time on end. Lately it has been about 85-90F. That’s really hot when you bring in the humidity factor.
Some people may think I’m griping about the heat and sure, I am, because I don’t like it. That’s why I live here! Fog is great. Cold weather is great. And we’re lucky enough to have that most of the year.
I think what cracks me up most around here is the people who walk around moping how cold the weather is and how they wish it would warm up. To them, I say, wake up! If you want warm weather all the time, move to San Diego. It’s cheaper to live there and getting to Mexico is easier.
Anyways, according to Senor Weatherman, this should all pass shortly and then we’ll be back to nice, cold, San Francisco weather again. I’ve got my parka ready!