The November Surprise

I’ve heard a bit of rumbling about the possibility that Saddam Hussein is to be sentenced (most likely to death) on November 5. This would naturally not be that surprising except of course that our national elections are two days later. The timing of this on a Sunday means it would be the first news item for Monday most likely and would dominate the press all day and in to Tuesday.
Many believe this will influence the elections that are to be held and the natural assumption is that they would swing the elections in favor of the Republicans who stand to lose the House. To this, I say maybe. Those who would be orchestrating this seemingly devious surprise are basing in on what happened when Bin Laden released a tape just before the last presidential elections in 2004, that Bush ultimate won [maybe]. In that instance it was obvious that there was a correlation. This time around, the case might be the same, only in that there is a correlation between these two events. Not that it will tip the scales in the Pubs’ favor.
Many Republicans are seeing that the American public at large is pretty damn sick of the war in Iraq. We don’t want to hear about it. We want it to be over. And for about half the country (such as yours truly) we wish it never started in the first place. Broadcasting this reminder and blanketing the airwaves with it would go a long way to cover up the recent Foley Scandal, but in my opinion, it would blanket the airwaves with something else that is less than desireable; a reminder that yes, the troops are still in Iraq, still dying, and there appears to be no way out of the situation.
We’ll see how this plays out. If Rove and the others behind the scenes know what’s good for them, they might stop from doing this, let the House go and work to maintain control of the Senate. Then again, Napoleon Rove seems to be so convinced that he will always get his way and not that fact that his plans have been steadily crumbling on him, he’ll probably ignore this and go ahead with anyways. It will be interesting to see. I’m not selling anything, so I’ve gotten used to disappointment in our current government.