The New and Improved Borat

Well, actually, it’s pretty much the same Borat that Sacha Baron Cohen has been doing on “Da Ali G show” in the US (and originally in the UK) for some time, but now, he’s coming at you in a feature film version. Why will this be funny? Simple. Cohen is a genius.
Thankfully, while it’s not official, here is the Borat Trailer to make everyone tense with anticipation for Borat hitting our shores. I’m also guessing that based on the plot of the film, this Borat Prank last year has something to do with it. Man, I sorta hope, sorta don’t that someday I’ll be big enough for Cohen to take me on. On another note, can I put any more effin’ links in an article. Yes, yes I can.

Update: You can also see go to YouTube to see the Borat Trailer. It’s higher resolution and there are some different edits, such as the sun bathing scene. Take a look.