The New 8:30 Train

Bart has unofficially started running a new train at 8:30 AM from the Powell Street Station. This may come as a shock to many because they only list an 8:24 and an 8:39 train on the schedule in that time slot. But, with great reliability, this train is running and you can catch it.
Of course, I might want to add that this new train has come at the loss of the 8:24 train. Actually, pretty much all the trains are running on a new schedule that varies in minutes after when the trains are supposed to show up. It also seems that in addition to this, they’ve shortened the trains, running them with only eight cars, instead of the normal 10.
I really wouldn’t mind the change in the schedule if it happened only some of the time, but in reality, the Bart is running like crap these days. A co-worker of mine was on it one day when they just stopped running to the station she needed to get to (stopped at Orinda, when she needed Walnut Creek) and it was blamed on some kind of power failure somewhere.
It seems this is commonplace with there also being a reason for the delays, train cancellations, stoppages, etc., but never anything really done about it and they’re happening more and more. It makes fare hikes and other reductions a bit hard to swallow right now. I suppose I should figure out some way to junk this failing form of transportation out of my life altogether, but as of yet, nothing has really materialized to make that happen.