The Net Result

I didn’t write anything yesterday since I was kind of curious to see how everything played out and play out it did. I also didn’t write because I’ve been feeling pretty crappy with a cold and well, I couldn’t be bothered.
Anyways, like most of us who vote liberal I’m pretty happy with the results. Naturally it would have been great to see Arnold go as well, but what are you gonna do? Looks like we are indeed stuck with this throwback for another four years. One thing that I would like to clear up is on his IMDb page it lists his height at 6’2″. From a couple of sources now who have been him in person, he’s really about 5’8″. Someone needs to clear this business up. I want to stop thinking about, now!
Whatever the full result of this change in Senate and House, one thing is for sure, in that the Bush Agenda is over. If Karl Rove had just made nice with everyone all along, this would not be an issue. As it is, I think that that man has made so many enemies over that last six years, he is headed for a congressional hearing himself.
And thanks San Francisco for wasting space with the “Impeach Cheney and Bush” proposition. I don’t like them in office as much as the next person (and apparently a lot of America now) but what good does this do? It just makes us appear to be this liberal bastion that no one takes seriously because we’re too extreme. Albeit our rep is going to be Speaker of the House soon (Go Nancy, Go!) but still chill out SF. Y’all with your gay marraige craziness go too far sometimes. Don’t get me wrong. I support all of this, but we need to go in baby steps to makes things happen. Ignorant people are like mules, pull them harder and they resist you harder.