The Movia Wine Bar in Ljubljana, Slovenia

I had something of a fond past with the Movia Wine Bar. It was a welcome little glass (or two) of wine on a rainy night in 2006. It was a wine maker that I thought well of and enjoyed the wines of. This has all come crashing down in sad ways upon my latest visit to the wine bar.

Maybe I had my expectations too high, but it really was the same place. The interior was exactly as I remember and there was even the same guy serving wine. It just seems that this spot must be something of a trophy piece for Aleš Kristančič and company. Something that they run at a loss just to keep the Movia name out there. Because, I can’t see how having six people in there on a Friday night can keep them in business. Yes, that’s all that there were, just six of us. Ah yes and one very snooty, rude, abrupt, arrogant guy running the place.

It was this guy that really started to ruin the place for me. Upon walking in, he wanted to choose our wine for us. He said, “Just tell me what you like” instead of telling us what some of the overblown names for the blends meant in terms of the wine varietals in them. He seemed like he couldn’t be bothered to actually serve us. He spent any moment where he wasn’t pouring in the back room of the place and when pried about details on the wines, the answers were dismissive single words. I didn’t understand his problem, but it seemed we were to get the brunt of his angst.

Then there were the wines. I don’t know what’s happened to Movia, but the wines I had this year seriously dropped in any depth over what I had last year. They’re to the point of flavorless. Those who get paid much more than I to write about wine would probably say that I’m missing the subtleties to which I say no, you’re imagining those. I think what I’m drinking is the fact that Movia is more afraid of not having a vintage for a year and will harvest the grapes too early to make sure that there is a harvest as opposed to waiting until the optimum time for harvest in order to ensure that there is enough sun on the vines. Either that, or he is showing some form of insecurity in the wines because he is running out of gimmicks. No, I don’t want to go from reds to whites in a flight just because it’s different. I don’t care if my champagne is opened under water because… I don’t know why. And lastly, I don’t care if the wine is aged for five years before selling because that is the minimum it can be aged before being released. If the damned thing is ready for bottling in three months, bottle it! Wine isn’t about gimmicks, it’s about tasting good. Leave the gimmicks for beer makers in the US.

But, above and beyond all this, there was the annoyance at the wine bar of being overcharged 25% on our bill and then getting hassled by the guy at the bar. He claimed that we were reading an old menu, a menu he had given us. This isn’t our problem, it’s his and making us feel like we’re the offenders is outrageous. I can see why friends in Ljubljana don’t go there. That was my last time as well and I recommend it to be avoided by anyone else who likes wine. There is another bar further down Stari Trg that seems to be lacking the pretension that I’ll definitely need to try the next time I’m in Ljubljana. Or, if anyone else goes there, let me know how it.

The Movia Wine Bar in Ljubljana, Slovenia