The Morning After

If, when nearly the age of thirty, you learn anything, it’s that when you’ve got a head-splitting, body-breaking, death-feeling hangover, it’s that you just need to go with it and not fight it. If your body says, “Sleep damn you.”, just sleep. If your body says, “Yes, there is no food in us, but we need throw up anyways.”, let it go nuts.
Fighting any and all of this will have unwanted results, like the infamous two-day hangover. Those suck and pointedly let you know that you’re getting older and no, mixing four different kinds of booze the night before is not a good idea.
Why am bringing this up? One word, “wine”. It’s great to have over guest and to share Croatian wines with them to help them explore what the region has to offer. What’s not great is not eating enough because you’re being the busy host running around and chatting with everyone. Whites then reds, then back to whites plus no food will do you in everytime. Oh well, at least it was a fun night. Fun enough that I never got around to taking pictures…