The Mobile Dilema

I was all gung ho about being able to bring my phone with me to Europe, buy a SIM card and have it fire up right away. I mean, it made sense afterall. What I’d be spending on Hrvatski Telecom cards for the two weeks that I was there would be more than the cost of the SIM card.
So, I get there, go to VIP and test out a card in my phone. While the phone (a Sony Ericsson T616 orginally from Cingular) booted up fine, it never found a network. It didn’t matter where I tried and with any other carrier, I couldn’t get it to work. The phone was supposedly unlocked, but I think that it wasn’t a true world phone or was lacking a broadcast band or something.
After giving up on that idea, I decided to try and buy a phone outright. You see, they do it a little different over there. With the exception of places like England, people have to buy their phones and then add minutes to them as they go. And the phones aren’t cheap! The lowest one I could find was the equivalent of $100. One model, the Nokia 9300 that I’ve been in to was $1000! Obviously, I didn’t buy a phone there. I didn’t even buy one in London, since a Motorola RAZR V3 would have been about $510 in an unlocked model.
So, sadly, here I am, back in the US with my Blackberry 7100t, which I’ve just now bought a Motorola a768i as a replacement for. We’ll see how that goes and make sure not to even both with the whole phone thing the next time I go to Europe, since it isn’t worth the time, cost or weight.