The meaning of Spring?

Spring has hit San Francisco, I think…
Let me put it this way, it’s warm sometimes, peoples’ allergies are going nuts, and there are guys getting tans on the roof of the building next to mine. So… I think that means that Spring is here. But (and this is a Kirstie Alley sized butt) it still rains sometimes as well dipping in the low 50’s during the day.
I guess that is the meaning of Spring in San Francisco. You sorta get it and you sorta don’t. Frankly, I wish it would just stay cold, but I suppose that’s what the Summer months are for.
The weather is nothing short of schizophrenic, which is kinda tough for a Central Valley boy like myself to deal with. One day, it will be raining and freezing cold, the next, it’s sunny and people are out letting their pasty skin burn. This problem is somewhat compounded for me now, since I am trekking out to Walnut Creek for work during the day. Out there, the weather can be completely opposite of San Francisco. It’s something akin to living in two countries connected by a long silver train.
I really need to work on my Personal Environmental Containment Situation with more energy so that I can maintain a constant 65 F in my own little world.