The Loss of Neckties

The Non-TieIt was a quiet revolution. No, we didn’t burn them in the street since it’s hard to light synthetics on fire. We didn’t through them out the windows of skyscrapers since you can’t really open those. We had no marches either, since we all had to work. But at some point the necktie and the whole premise of not looking like a dumbass who got off his skateboard long enough to work has passed us by.
I was raised that you always dressed well to go in to a job interview. Hell, you even dressed well if you were just picking up an application. This was pounded in to my head as being especially important for me at 193cm (6’3″) because I stood out and when one stands out, if one looks like crap, it does not go unnoticed. So, while my days of applications are long gone and I submit my resumes in my pajamas from my apartment, I still always and without question wear a suit with a tie to an interview. This has had strange reactions with the rather common thread through all of this being that I stand out.
One place I went to some years ago put me towards the top of the list because I didn’t look like a derilict. It was right after the dot-com fallout and some guys didn’t get that jeans and a t-shirt do not a good impression make. By simply dressing better, I was getting better job offers and getting called back for follow up interviews.
Now it seems that the tables have turned; upside down and on top of me I might add. With the job market not being so dire, the return to loser couture has returned in full force. One interview I was at several months ago, there was some guy all in black (black t-shirt, black jeans, stubble, etc.) who was leaving just as I went in. I though, oh yeah, that guy is out of the running. Uh. Uh. They ended up hiring that guy. I guess my professional look wasn’t artistic enough. Then, in recent months, while I still often get the job, people are always commenting on how I didn’t need to get dressed up for the interview.
I figure it’s always easier to go a little over than be a lot under. While this may play against me in some situations, overall, I still have to believe it’s the winning strategy, especially if you’re going in to work as a contractor. A company is trusting you a great deal and if you pop in there looking like you’re about to go on a drinking bender to Vegas, or worse yet, rob the place, you’re probably not going to get the job. Naturally, I might be proven very wrong as time goes on. Regardless, I’ll still be the tall guy in the suit.
I’d just like to draw attention to my pic I’ve included with this bit that illustrates that I’ve finally gotten my double windsor down. I’m mighty proud of that, although it may be I’ll have to return to Croatia (where the necktie actually comes from: cravat–Croat, get it?) to ply my newfound abilities.